I have been getting involved recently with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap initiative. It is a great group that collects data and information and puts it to use to help communities during a disaster and to prepare and recover as well. I sing thig groups praises.

Also, I recommend learning more about how to map on the OpenStreetMap software. It is fully community and local driven with people in those communities doing a lot of the coordination and collection. Keep in mind OpenStreetMap is a worldwide community. They have folks in so many countries around the world and projects from many places that really need the help.

Good group!

Check out the OpenStreetMap itself and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap initiative.

CDC Geo-Spatial Data

I have been looking up databases with free and open source information. I came across this site for various kinds of public health professionals and wanted to share. It has a plethora of information and links that are very cool and valuable.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention Geo-Spatial Data Resources

Have fun exploring! Know I am!

GIS Applications and Uses

Wanted to get this out real quick. Something I found that is really useful, educational, and helpful on so many other levels.

It is a page that has 1000 GIS applications and uses. I have been going through this list and have found it facilitating. So cool this was done! I had no idea about some of this and the skill and knowledge transfer is limitless.

Great job!!!!


1000 GIS Applications & Uses – How GIS Is Changing the World

ArcGIS Story Maps

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

I had a few minutes this week and decided to take a social science leap of faith. I am starting to learn ArcGIS story Maps. Looks like a lot of fun and I can definitely use them for a variety of things both personally and professionally.

Link to Story Maps site:

For some examples of what Story Maps can do check out this link…

Hope you have fun exploring.

What resources do have for GIS? Do you have an already made up Story Map? Love to seem it!