Resilience and Development

Wanted to share this TedTalk. Fascinating thoughts on how our physical development of the Earth might actually be determined on how our current and future environmental issue should guide us.

Johan Rockström concentrates on understanding earths resilinece.

More informatikn on Me. Rockström can be found on the TedTalk website at…

Or his website follows…

Hope you enjoy the talk. I learned a lot and it have me a lot to think about.


I have been recently looking at a lot of mapping resources. One thing that has been in the back of my mind and possibly should be on all around minds is our environment. I know full well this is a hot topic in today’s world. Nothing hotter then to bring up Climate Change during a Presidential Election season. I have known about The Environmental Doomsday Clock for a while but never looked it up. Just did though and it is very informative. I find it interesting and a starting point to better our world. How Doomday like it is I don’t know but it does bring awareness to us all about our environment and its status.

I also recently came across the EnviroAtlas via the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Per the About EnviroAtlas page it explains it as follows…

EnviroAtlas is part of an ongoing commitment to sustainable and healthy communities and safe and sustainable water resources. EnviroAtlas was developed collaboratively by EPA in partnership with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and other federal and non-profit organizations, universities, and communities including state, county, and city-level stakeholders.

It is a wonderful mapping feature of the EPA and take a look play around in it. I really appreciate the awareness it brings. Valuable resource!

I wanted to also give some environmental resources on climate change, places to find statistics, a video I found fascinating from a Nobel Prize awardee.

The World Count

GreenFacts: State of the Environment

Current Environmental Issues and News via global stewards


Mario Molina won the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Going Zero Waste

I want to share this blog with you all called Going Zero Waste. Its all about sustainability and starting a sustainable lifestyle. I have been reading it for a few days and am learning a lot I did not know or things that I learned more about.

Going Zero Waste

Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Check out this article about What is Sustainability and Why is it important? via


What sustainable websites do you all look at and how did it speak to you?