I have been getting involved recently with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap initiative. It is a great group that collects data and information and puts it to use to help communities during a disaster and to prepare and recover as well. I sing thig groups praises.

Also, I recommend learning more about how to map on the OpenStreetMap software. It is fully community and local driven with people in those communities doing a lot of the coordination and collection. Keep in mind OpenStreetMap is a worldwide community. They have folks in so many countries around the world and projects from many places that really need the help.

Good group!

Check out the OpenStreetMap itself and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap initiative.

Going Zero Waste

I want to share this blog with you all called Going Zero Waste. Its all about sustainability and starting a sustainable lifestyle. I have been reading it for a few days and am learning a lot I did not know or things that I learned more about.

Going Zero Waste

Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Check out this article about What is Sustainability and Why is it important? via


What sustainable websites do you all look at and how did it speak to you?

World Food Programme

This is kind of topic for my site but wanted to share this.

Congratulation to the World Food Programme for the winning of the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. I knew a little about the program but recently have been looking at it more closes and with a different set of eyes. It is fascinating what they do and how they do it. I am really supportive of them now.

I wanted to share a few links of information that can help you get involved in supporting the World Food Programme and gain insight as what they do by giving a few articles.

per their website is a brief statement of what they do…

The World Food Programme (WFP) is the leading humanitarian organization saving lives and changing lives, delivering food assistance in emergencies and working with communities to improve nutrition and build resilience.

Overview. (n.d.). Retrieved October 13, 2020, from

They have helped in more then 80 countries and well over 80 million people since their founding in 1961. They do tremendous work.

One their website they give a pleathora of ways to get involved. Here are a few…

Here are a few article that show how they do what they do and the impact they have done…

World Food Programme Guides Operations in Afghanistan with Online GIS Apps


various articles The Economist

Ending hunger: science must stop neglecting smallholder farmers

World Food Programme to send 50,000 T of wheat flour to Lebanon

A hearty congratulations again to the World Food Programme for the winning of the 2020 Nobel Piece Prize.

Take a Break see some Art; Self-care

I am no way a psychologist or therapist just wanted to be vulnerable a moment and I hope it helps others.

So I took a break for a while on some social media platforms. I was pretty close to getting addicted to social media specifically Facebook. I deactivated my account to help me.

I want to share a insight about a lesson I learned that will hopefully help you. Take a break from social media!

I was so social media heavy that I was not exploring and learning about me. It was actually starting to effect me in different ways. Lesson leaned take care of #1!

Do not be afraid to learn and explore. I learned that and it is so helping me. I look at art virtually now because of COVID. I write how it makes me feel.

Also, I was on social media so much that I was not training in my professional life or exploring what my hobby interests might be. Volunteering is awesome! Helping others and it really does brings a smile to your face! It is a real feeling.

I say all this because I want to explain that health and wellness for me is now a top priority. In my opinion self-care should a top priority for everyone.

Here is a list of 6 websites and articles that list free virtual museums.

Hope you take a break and enjoy!

Have fun!

Love you all!