Faith and Emergency Management

In today’s society we are all, for the most part, we align with some kind of faith in someway and capacity.

According to the Pew Research Center statistics on religion there are:

Non-Christian Faiths (Judaism, Muslim, HIndu, etc.)5.9%
Other Faiths1.5%
Nothing in Particular15.8%
Don’t Know0.6%

I have been thinking about this since I am a growing Orthodox Jew and a Anthropologist. So what can we do as Emergency Managers to help engage faith based communities of all kinds in the emergency preparedness, response, and recovery process.

Check out the January 2018 report by FEMA called Engaging Faith-based and Community Organizations for a good start.


I hope to post a little more about this in the future but the goal of this post just to get people thinking of what we can do on all sides to develop relationships, get out, and build a culture of preparedness.

What are your thoughts on this? What have you done to engage your faith-based organizations in your community? What lessons have you come across that can help others achieve good and open relationships with faith-based community partners?

Published by

Jason Schmerer

I have 5 plus years’ experience in continuous improvement and analytics and enjoy helping others, connecting dots, and working with various kinds of both qualitative and quantitative data.

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